domenica 13 febbraio 2011

Great people from great past....

Today we have many technological aids to realize our job, many softwares that simplify our duty, but often with less good results than some people had in the past without all computer aid.
Here a "little" taste of what I mean......welcome in the temple of ancient Matte painter

venerdì 11 febbraio 2011

my Fantasy dreams

I love the Fantasy world, in all its form, books, movies, games and videogames.
In my dream I project myself in a concept design role in a triple AAA fantasy videogame.
Some days ago a friend of mine give me a link to mr.Jack site . A very young talent who works at Blizzard studios as concept artist.
I was very influenced by his art that I very fast made two immages fantasy oriented....
I hope you like it.